Giant Archery and Foosball

Giant Archery and Foosball

Great combo to entertain groups of up to 70 people!

Teams rotating between our popular Giant Foosball and Archery, scoring points for their teams and enjoying the mini adventure with 2 old time classics.

Giant Foosball– Teamwork is essential. Players have to be physically able; however fitness is not a pre-requisite.

Blind Ball– The emphasis is on trust and communication.

Giant Marbles– Patience, persistence, strategy and adaptability are essential.

Archery – The bows are take-down laminated re-curve pre set to shoot accurately at a range of 10 meters. Targets are 900-mm square competition. This generally (because of the large size) ensures that the beginner walks away with a score on the board. Three games are played to enhance the competition! Bulleye, Killer and 501.

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