Corporate Social Responsibility Ideas

Corporate Social Responsibility Ideas

The Hunger Games

To feed those who go hungry on street is no game, it’s a reality in South Africa as it is a reality in most other parts of the world. At Dynamic Corporate Activities we would through our clients help give some assistance to the institutions who make it their mission to assist the hunger in their local community. Through fun interactive challenges (games) you can play your part in providing a meal to the unfortunate ones on street.

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Bicycle Project

Ideal Group Size:        10 to 400 people

Duration:                    2- 3 hours

Level of activity:        Active

Location:                    Outdoors

Teams will have to complete some of our favorite team challenges in order to collect bicycle pieces in order to put the bicycle together once all pieces was collected at all the challenges. From here all bicycles will be donated to a charity or institution of your choice. A lovely feel good activity while fulfilling the needs of a company day out.


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