Team building ideas

Team building ideas

The list of team building ideas is endless but these should be carefully selected to avoid a collective groan and eye-rolling from staff members.

The idea of team building is to combine fun with a pre-set list of goals such as inspiring confidence, teaching better communication skills and combining the work force into a unified and collaborative team.

Here are a few ideas that can achieve those objectives and instil a sense of humour among employees.

Zombie escape

The objective of this game is to escape before a team member is eaten by a starving zombie.

Objects needed are a rope, key and a set of clues.

A team is “locked” into an empty space while one of the members is elected as the zombie.

The zombie is tied with the rope in a corner of the room and the rope is extended every five minutes until the zombie is able to reach the team members.

The team needs to solve a series of clues that will allow the key to “unlock the door” enabling their escape before being eaten by the hungry zombie.

This is a creative, problem-solving and collaborative exercise.

Office trivia

Team members are given a list of 20 trivia questions related to their working environment. This could include questions such as “what colour are the bathroom tiles”? “how many people work in the accounts department”? or “what brand of computer monitors do we use”?

This is a quick and fun-filled team bonding exercise.

Salt and pepper

Tape one of a pairing of well-known phrases such as “salt and pepper” and “peanut butter and syrup” onto the back of each participant.

Participants then mingle and try to establish the word pinned to their backs by asking each other only “yes” and “no” questions. Once they have figured out the word on their back they must find the other half of their pairing. Once they find each other they must establish three things they have in common.

This is an exercise in communication skills.

Coat of arms

Defining a company coat of arms is a great team bonding exercise.

Armed with paper, pens and markers, team players divide their pieces of paper into three sections.

In the first section, they must draw something that displays a recent achievement.

In the second section, they must draw something reflecting company values.

Thirdly, they must draw something that represents a vision for the company’s future.

Completed coat of arms should be displayed in their work spaces.

Plane crash

The plane crash exercise is to stimulate creative problem-solving and collaborative skills.

Teams must imagine that a plane on which they are travelling crashes onto a desert island.

Groups must scour the office for 12 items they feel will be most useful in order for them to survive. Each of these 12 items must be ranked in order of importance.

Team building is a proven method of increasing productivity, success and efficacy and should be a high priority exercise in the workplace.