Indoor team building activities

Indoor team building activities

The objective of team building is multi-faceted, however all exercises should be both educational and enjoyable.

This will build team spirit and teach employees about how their fellow workers think, work and solve problems.

Here are a few great indoor team building activities that do not demand too much time:

The game of possibilities

This game takes five to six minutes and can be implemented for one person or a number of small groups.

A team member in each group is handed an object. After examining the object, the other members of the group must individually “describe” the object without speaking.

The object of the game is to inspire innovation and creativity.

Winner and loser

Another five to six minute exercise, winner/loser is played in groups of two people.

One team member describes something negative about their life. This must be true and can be a work-related or personal memory.

His/her partner then discusses the same subject, focussing on only positive aspects. Afterwards they switch roles.

The objective of winner/loser is how to change a negative situation into one with a silver lining.

Truth and lies

Truth and lies is a 10 to 15 minute exercise for five or more people.

Participants sit in a circle and each one, in turn, relates three facts and one lie about themselves. The other team members must try to identify the lie.

Truth and lies is an ice-breaking exercise which helps colleagues to avoid making snap decisions about co-workers and encourages introverts to share information about themself.

Blind drawing

Blind drawing is another 10 to 15 minute exercise for two or more people.

Participants are provided with a picture, a pen and paper and are divided into groups of two.

Sitting back-to-back, one person is given a picture and the other the pen and paper.

The team player with the picture must describe what they are looking at without actually revealing the identity of the subject.

The object of blind drawing is to focus on communication and interpretation.

This is better than that

This is better than that is a 15 to 20 minute exercise for any number of participants.

Participants must select four or more objects and solve a given subject with the objects of their choice.

Examples could include scenarios such as “you are stranded on a desert island” or “how would you save the world from Godzilla”?

Objects selected for the exercise should be somewhat obscure to inspire problem solving and creativity.

The scavenger hunt

This is a one-hour fun-filled exercise for two or more small groups.

Armed with a list of wacky tasks, teams must meet a deadline. Whichever team completes its tasks the quickest is declared the winner.

The list can include any task, but should be fun-filled such as asking them to take a “selfie” with a complete stranger, or to take a photograph of something obscure inside the building.

This is a teambuilding exercise that helps to break up cliques by encouraging employees to work with their colleagues.